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Silverline Tools

Silverline have been around since 1987 and are now one of the biggest and best loved tool brands in the UK and Europe.

Silverline represents great value and offers a wide range of award-winning tools backed by their unbeatable guarantees. they're always at events or sponsoring new exciting events and projects like the ones shown in the video below.



As an ISO 9001 accredited company, they always take quality seriously.

They are recognised and trusted throughout the UK and Europe, and their products are quality checked to ensure they deliver tools that comply with the very latest standards in quality and safety.


With over 5000 products manufactured across the UK, Europe, United States and Asia, it’s important for us to work hard to reduce the environmental impact throughout our chain of operations. Our sourcing team works closely with our factories to find ways to reduce environmental costs associated with bringing you quality products.

Ethical Trading

With our own dedicated product compliance team of more than 50 people we inspect every production run to ensure products meet with our specification and your satisfaction. The compliance team are also responsible for our factory audit programme involving the comprehensive review of working conditions and ethical business practice at every factory manufacturing our products.



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