Power-TEC introduced the Miracle System to the UK in 1997 - 25 years ago!

Today’s Miracle System is not quite the same as it was then, with the introduction of more and more aluminium panels and also hybrid / electric vehicles, the Miracle System has had to evolve along with the vehicles.

With over 1500 systems sold in the UK, the Miracle System is by far the most popular panel repair system in the UK. Today, it continues with the same message as it was 25 years ago: Repair over replace, create less waste, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

To celebrate this milestone, Power-TEC are offering the chance to win back the value* of any miracle system bought in 2022. Purchasers of more than one kit will get the equivalent number of chances. Not only that, every kit purchaser will also receive a FREE 25th Anniversary Power-TEC wall clock!
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