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Laser 8156 Roadside Safety/Recovery Kit

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Laser 8156 Roadside Safety/Recovery Kit

Features and Benefits:

  • A kit designed for mobile based technicians who are required to attend a hybrid/EV vehicle on the roadside.
  • Includes safety barriers for technician and owner protection, safety signage, master insulated toolkit and all relevant products to make safe and provide safety to technician.
  • The voltage tester contained in the kit to shut vehicle down in event of car needing to be relocated if required.
  • Complete set of fully insulated tools for live working up to 1000V AC / 1500V DC, featuring hex sockets, screwdrivers, pliers and insulation sleeves. VDE/GS approved insulated socket set. IEC60900 approved for 1000V safe working.
  • Hybrid disconnect & shut down kit of essential safety requirements for technicians, to be used when shutting down and disconnecting the high voltage system on Hybrid (PHEV) and Electric (BEV) vehicles. Includes signs & stickers to clearly identify the high voltage vehicle, shut down timer & voltage tester to test residual voltage & safety tag & lockout padlock to ensure keys are safe.
  • Folding safety barrier & hybrid/EV warning signs for use as a warning aid to others that maintenance is being carried out on a Hybrid/EV vehicle. Made up from 3 plastic framed panelled sections which can be folded for easy storage when not is use.
  • A fully compliant, full leather workshop safety boot (to ISO/EN20345), with the addition of an electrically insulated 1000V safe sole (to Class 0 : 1000V ISO/EN50321) - ideal for workshop safety when working on/around High Voltage vehicles such as Hybrid’s, PHEV’s, BEV’s etc.
  • All products contained in this kit are available as individual items - please see Laser Part Nos. 7383 (3/8"D tool kit 50pc), 7892 (hybrid disconnect & shut down kit), 8000 (folding safety barrier), 7521 (warning signs 2pc), 7973 (EV elec boots*). *Laser EV Elec Boots are available in sizes 7 (UK) / 41 (EU) - 12 (UK) / 46 (EU). When purchasing this kit, please specify boot size required.


  • 1 x Laser 7383 50 Piece 3/8" Drive Insulated Tool Kit
  • 1 x Laser 7892 Hybrid Disconnect & Shut Down Kit
  • 1 x Laser 8000 Hybrid/EV Folding Safety Barrier
  • 1 x Laser 7973 ELEC EV Safety Work Boots, Size 9 (UK) / 43 (EU)
  • 1 x Laser 7521 Hybrid/EV Floor Warning Signs 2 Piece

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