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Gunson 77115 Maintenance Battery Charger

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Gunson 77115 Maintenance Battery Charger

Features and Benefits:
  • Microprocessor controlled unit delivering a maximum charge rate of 2A .
  • It is suitable for 6 or 12V batteries with capacities between 10AH to 80AH.
  • Is not suitable for charging severely discharged batteries.
  • It charges in three stages, initially pulse-charging to assist with battery desulphurisation (if necessary), then brings the battery up to 100% capacity.
  • The final stage is a maintenance pulse charge (float mode) which will maintain the battery in a fully charged state without overcharging.It features short-circuit protection, overload current protection, and over voltage protection.
  • The unit is provided with quick-connector leads that enable the use of the battery crocodile clips or (for long-term connection and extended use) the eyelet terminals which are connected direct to the main battery lead terminals.
  • The 77115 is suitable for regular (sealed or unsealed) Lead Acid batteries and for AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries used on motorcycles, cars and light commercial vehicles.
  • For 6V and 12V batteries.
  • Complete with ring terminal adaptor for long term maintenance charging.
  • Micro processor controlled.
  • 2 amp trickle charge.
  • For REG | AGM | GEL Batteries.
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Width 207mm
Height 270mm
DEPTH 73mm
GTIN 5018341771157
MPN 77115
SKU 77115
Brand Gunson
Product Code 77115
Weight 0.686kg