GDPR Statement

The Hardwick Group of Companies provides services to you, our customer, on a contract basis which will require us to store certain data relating to our engagement with you. In connection with some of those services there are also legal obligations attached making it necessary to store certain data. To the extent necessary to fulfil those obligations (and no further), The Hardwick Group of Companies will store certain personal data about you. This will facilitate our staff contacting you in connection with your order(s) and any work we undertake for you and will enable us to meet our legal and regulatory responsibilities. For the avoidance of doubt, The Hardwick Group of Companies is storing data of individuals as part of contractual obligations and to an extent legal obligation under the GDPR. Any request by an individual to remove their personal data will therefore have an impact on The Hardwick Group of Companies ability to perform those contractual obligations; The Hardwick Group of Companies will regardless of this request continue to store such data as is required by Law. Such requests to remove your personal data can be sent by email to
As part of The Hardwick Group of Companies marketing strategy, we can send you information regarding products or services that we offer under The Legitimate Interest Route via a variety of means. If you wish to receive this information, you can request it at any time by any means you have of contacting us. You can withdraw this request (withdraw consent) at any time thereafter via any means by which you can contact us: in person, via phone, via email, or by post.

Stephen Cook

Managing Director