Breast & Prostate Cancer Charity Tool Range

Limited Edition Pink Tools
Here at Sealey we want to make a difference, which is why we have chosen to support worthwhile charities, Breast Cancer Now and Prostate Cancer UK, with this unique promotion.

The following two pages feature limited edition pink versions of some of our most popular lines. By selling these tools we aim to raise £40,000 to split equally between the two charities.

Breast Cancer Now
With the help of Various charities and donations, more women than ever are surviving breast cancer. The problem is that more women are being diagnosed than ever before. Currently one in every eight women in the UK will face breast cancer within their lifetime and, tragically, one women may die every 45 minutes from the disease.

Breast cancer Now is the UK's largest breast cancer charity and aims to do the following to fight this devastating disease:

By focusing on four key areas - risk and prevention, early detection and diagnosis, treatment and the elimination of secondary breast cancer, they believe their research will allow them to achieve their ambitions and stop breast cancer from continuing to take lives.

They aim to carefully select and find the most relevant research and currently support almost 400 researchers and fund 105 research grants, which are worth over £26 million at  over 30 institutes around the UK.

Breast Cancer Now plan on changing the statistics. They believe that with our help they can stop women dying from Breast Cancer by 2050.

Prostate UK
Prostate Cancer currently kills 10.000 men a year, and by 2030 it is predicted to be the most common of all cancers in the UK.

Prostate Cancer UK has a plan to stop prostate cancer being a killer, by not only finding better ways to diagnose and treat it, nut also looking at it's prevention. With over 330,000 UK men needing support with the disease, we want to help.

An ambitious ten year strategy sets out how  Prostate Cancer UK will invest in the most innovative research to help improve their knowledge  of prostate cancer. By doing this. it aids them in detecting and treating the disease more effectively, at every stage. It is also imperative for them to develop a personalised approach for every man suffering from prostate cancer to achieve the best outcome.

75p in every pound is spent directly on the objectives mentioned above. The remaining 25p is reinvested  in fundraising and to continue the efficient running of the organisation. From every £1 donated from fundraising, Prostate Cancer UK are able to generate a further £5 to continue the fight against this terrible disease.

With your support, Prostate Cancer UK want to see fewer men dying.